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Seller-Soice 22402 Valdemosa Mission Viejo, CA 92692 Mr.

Wally Malesh Office Manager First Team Real Estate 20100 Brookhurst Huntington Beach, CA 92646 Dear Mr. Malesh: We recently listed our property in Garden Grove with Ronna Brant of First Team Real Estate. WE had interviewed three agents and chose Ronna to represent us in this sales effort. We are very pleased that Ronna was our choice, for she did an outstanding job marketing and in finding the right buyer in a very timely manner. Ronna went well beyond the ordinary sales efforts both in listing the property and in covering all the myriad details required to achieve the quick and smooth closing. Ronna was always pleasant, obliging, most cooperative and very professional in all of her efforts on our behalf. We are writing so you will know how much we appreciate her work. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for Ronna and First Team Real Estate, which has our unqualified recommendation. Yours very truly, — Mr. and Mrs. Howard Soice

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Soice

John W Rowe 9211 Wintergreen Circle Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Wally Malesh, Manager First Team Real Estate 20100 Brookhurst Street Huntington Beach, CA 92646 Dear Sir: During the past eight months since I chose to sell my home and relocate, I have endured a constant barrage of the most irritating laziness, ineptness, incompetence and negligence imaginable from the supposed real estate “Professionals” contracted to represent the sale of my property.

The sole shining light during this entire ordeal was your agent, Ronna Brant, who represented me in the recent purchase of my new home. Ronna’s consummate professionalism, energetic attitude, and gracious demeanor has proved a credit and example to your profession. Ronna listened and understood my vision and requirements for my new home. The prospective houses which she selected to show me corresponded with these aspirations, and thereby did not waste my time. Yet, in honesty, this is what I expect from a professional, and feel this is what she receives her commission for. However, Ronna’s diligence and commitment to her clients far exceeded any such mundane expectations. If there was any award in your profession for service above and beyond the call of duty, Ronna’s excellence and unrelenting assistance would mandate such awards be bestowed upon her. Ronna was consistently prompt in responding to my phone calls, and conscientious in making contact with me (a very difficult and praise-worthy accomplishment considering my work).She answered all of my questions in an expeditious, polite, and professional manner. Although her answers were not always what I had hoped to hear, they always proved accurate and trustworthy. Of lesser note (but still highly appreciated by me) Ronna’s replies were devoid of superfluous antidotes, horror stories, and proverbial B.S. Countless times throughout this tumultuous period, Ronna proved a priceless asset, but never more than when the buyers of my previous home selected to use an FHA loan. The agents representing the sale of my home refused to assist in the collection of documents required to have my condominium complex approved by FHA, even though several of the documents I was required to collect were obtained from the escrow office immediately next door to their realty office. In contrast (even though she was not directly involved with the sale), Ronna was instrumental in assisting me in collecting the required documentation. The agents representing the sale of my home never even took the time or inclination to contact me with any details or information regarding the sale. To protect the purchase of my new home, Ronna admirably filled the void and keep me abreast on the status of my escrow. In fact, Ronna informed me that my complex had finally been approved by the FHA ten days before the agents representing the sale bothered to mention it to me. I am sure that in the every day world of real estate sales, it might be easy to forget the anxiety and stress of selling and buying a home. The value of a reassuring call or weekly update is incalculable to someone like myself who has little understanding of the escrow process. Ronna obviously understood this. Due to complications with FHA and several other failures of my agents, this process dragged on for 90 days. During this period I felt totally abandoned by the agents contracted to represent me in the sale, but fully supported by Ronna who acted as a detective, coordinator, and trusted counselor. In my opinion her efforts have represented the highest standards of real estate professionalism. It is easy to write a letter of complaint and condemnation (and I assure you the corresponding letter I have mailed to a manager of a Lakewood realty office was far from this positive), but excellence also needs to be noted and acknowledged. With my deepest appreciation — John W. Rowe

John W. Rowe

Ronna Brant was quite knowledgeable, very experienced and worked very closely with us to secure good tenants for our home in Huntington Beach.

We would recommend Ronna to all our friends in selling, buying or renting their property, and I will refer to Ronna for any of my future real estate endeavors. I was most impressed by with Ronna’s overall close working relationship with us.

Wael & Hadia Bississo

I knew Jerry from past years and his selling of past homes in the area.

I always knew I would use him if the time came to sell our home.

Gerald & Nancy Lippert

We were very pleased with Ronna’s advice and followed her suggestions which proved to be excellent.

The results were the house selling in one week. Ronna knows her business and the neighborhood. The advertising was amazing and very effective. We can’t praise First Team Real Estate enough.

Tom & Sharon Hritz

Jim and I have known Ronna and the Jerry Beusee team for over 20 years!

We wouldn’t have gone with any other realtor! They have always been helpful friendly and knows how to set your house up to be sold for the best price we recommend them all the time especially since we have moved.

Jim And Barb KAPING

Ronna and Danielle are incredible!

! No one knows the Orange County area better than this team. My wife and I are extremely busy with work and kids, Ronna & Danielle were always attentive to our needs and responsive to all inquiries. They helped us find and negotiate our dream home. Working with them is everything a home purchasing experience should be.

Philong Pham & Anh Mai

Seller & Buyer – Cooper Jerry Beusee 20100 Brookhurst Street Huntington Beach, CA 92646 Dear Jerry: On behalf of my family, I wish to thank you and Ronna for the outstanding, high quality service you provided in selling our home and finding us a new one in Huntington Beach.

Given the circumstances that contributed to our deciding to put our home on the market, your empathy and concern greatly assisted us through the process that would have been more difficult if we selected other real estate brokers. Instead of feeling pressured, we always believed you had our best interests in mind. As you are aware, we considered selling the house ourselves. We could never have matched the outstanding services and personal attention that you and Ronna provided, nor the top dollar you got for our home because of your marketing efforts. With regard to our new home, we are extremely happy with the house and the beautiful neighborhood. You negotiated a great price for us and we feel confident that we got an incredible deal. Sam and Seth are very happy, too. In fact, Sam woke up the other morning and exclaimed to Sandra, “Mommy, I love my new backyard and I’m really having a good time!” His words mean more to us than anything else given the extreme sadness our family has experienced since our daughter, Sarah’s death. The house has brought us renewed hope for the future that would not have been possible without you. We wish you and Ronna continued success in Huntington Beach. If we can ever help you in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you again for your professionalism, dedication and sincere concern for us. Sincerely, — Mark & Sandra Cooper

Mark & Sandra Cooper

"I highly recommend Ronna Brant when considering the purchase or sale of a property.

There is no better choice! It takes a lot to make a good realtor. A good realtor has follow through, knows the market, and is connested with a great escrow company. They the market trends, they have a long histroy in the area they  market, they care about the people they represent and most of all, they care about the community. Ronna Brant is the epitome of professionalism. It doesn't pay to risk your profit or sanity with anyone else!"

Crystal Kerins

Ronna performance was over and above.

Donna Nowicki

Ronna and Danielle went above and beyond.

The 5-star rating really isn’t enough for these two. Since we were out of state, researching online was the only way to find an agent. Working with these two agents exceeded any of my expectations. Right away they were incredibly friendly, funny and took the time on short notice to show property. These agents were always available to us, day and night and were quick to get documents to us during the contract negotiation process. "Rooks Ferrando Smith

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